Even the small things can add up to a better neighborhood. In recognition of Midtown Alliance's 40th anniversary, we've compiled 40 actions you can take to be part of the world-class urban experience we're building in the heart of our city.


  1. Bookmark our online News Center on your web browser

  2. Mark your calendar to attend an upcoming Let’s Talk Midtown or Mix It Up event

  3. Plug Midtown Blue’s phone number – 404-817-0500 – into your contacts in case you ever need it (in an emergency, call 911 first, then call Midtown Blue)

  4. Subscribe to our Midtown Monthly e-mail newsletter for the latest stories on projects, programs and events happening in the district

  5. And if you’re already signed up, forward an issue that interests to you to a friend or co-worker

  6. Download our IN*MidtownATL member app on your smartphone to find unique offers and discoveries around the district, and tell us how you like it

  7. Take a photo of something outside that delights you and post to Instagram with #midtownatl

  8. If your employer or residential building is not currently a Midtown Alliance member, encourage them to join by contacting us

  9. Follow us on Facebook and post a comment on our page about something that interests you

  10. When you’re behind the wheel, drive 25 MPH

  11. If you see a visitor on the sidewalk who looks like they need directions, stop and help

  12. Sign up to receive our monthly Business & Real Estate Report e-newsletter for a summary of major development projects being built in Midtown

  13. Pick a new restaurant in Midtown to try out with a co-worker or neighbor

  14. Remember to lock your car and keep valuables out of sight: car-break ins are down in Midtown over the last couple of years. Let’s keep the momentum.

  15. Take one of our occasional surveys to help inform future priorities and let us know how we are doing

  16. Challenge a friend to a game of badminton or beanbag toss in 10th Street Park, or a pingpong match at 15th Street Park

  17. Attend a free Lunchtime Culture event at a Midtown arts institution to hear a brief lecture

  18. If you see some litter on the sidewalk … pick it up and throw it away or recycle

  19. See an exhibit or a show at a Midtown cultural venue you haven’t visited before

  20. Hop on a City of Atlanta bikeshare bike for a short trip in Midtown and see how it works

  21. Opt for a MARTA bus or rail trip instead of driving

  22. Attend the 2018 Atlanta Streets Alive event on Peachtree Street on September 30 and commit to meet at least one new person

  23. Attend an upcoming open house meeting about proposed capital improvement projects to give your feedback

  24. Support local businesses and retailers

  25. Buy Midtown Atlanta branded swag at a local retail store and show it off

  26. Read the Blueprint Midtown 3.0 action plan on our website (30 min. read) to get a better sense of future design priorities informed by community input

  27. Explore a corner of Piedmont Park that you haven’t seen before

  28. Raise your hand and ask us a question during Q&A at the next “Let’s Talk Midtown” event

  29. Adopt a tree well

  30. Volunteer your time at a Midtown-based nonprofit organization working on a cause you care about

  31. Work with us to set up a small-group brown bag “lunch and learn” about Midtown current events at your office or residential building

  32. Get out and read the historical narratives on all 28 wayfinding signs throughout the district

  33. Bring Midtown Blue representatives to your office or residential building for a free public safety and crime prevention class

  34. Start up or relocate a business here

  35. Picnic or brown bag at a nearby park

  36. Organize a group outing with some neighbors or co-workers

  37. Attend a showcase event/demo at Tech Square to learn about new technology

  38. Play a tune on the piano outside the Arts Center MARTA station, or grab a book from Midtown’s Little Free Library

  39. Meet with local clergy for introductions to programs impacting Midtown

  40. Encourage your workplace to get connected to free commuter programs and services offered through the Midtown Transportation team


What would you add to this list?