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Kevin Green, President & CEO of Midtown Alliance

From the skyline to the street, the past four decades have brought profound change to Midtown Atlanta. As we start the 40th year of the Midtown Alliance, our community has arrived at an important milestone in our shared pursuit of a vibrant urban experience.

In order to achieve the momentum we have today, so many dedicated leaders came together around a vision for what Midtown could become. They looked beyond current conditions and saw what could be. Then they went to work to achieve it, and with relentless urgency.

The community shaped a physical plan in the form of Blueprint Midtown that became the largest rezoning in Atlanta's history. Commercial property owners banded together and created the Midtown Improvement District to provide an added layer to city services, with ‘clean and safe’ as the first order of business.

Meanwhile, developers risked billions of capital. Georgia Tech jumped the Connector and built Tech Square. Emory University Hospital Midtown and SCAD-Atlanta arrived. Arts and cultural attractions expanded. Companies and residents chose to plant their flag here. The Midtown community remained unyielding in its desire to create nothing less than an exceptional place.

But none of the success we are experiencing today was guaranteed to happen. And now, we are afforded the opportunity to build upon what others started, to make our imprint on Midtown as the next generation of creators and collaborators, policymakers and patrons, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. With no guarantees looking forward either, we know it’s going to take an infusion of new leaders, fresh thinking and a continued determination to make sure Midtown gets even better as it grows.

We are excited to share Midtown Alliance's annual report, detailing the many shared wins from 2017 and some of the turning points for this community across 40 years of transformational change. Take it all in, and know that Midtown Atlanta's transformation continues with your participation.

—Kevin Green